Maintaining and Nurturing a Commitment to the Cause #7

Last, but certainly not least, we’re going to deal with one issue that has longstanding consequences: Commitment.

In some ways, commitment could be viewed as being connected to desire, but there are subtle differences to it, especially when it comes to a cause such as weight loss.

Imagine this situation: You’ve been at your weight loss regime for about 5 months now, and armed with the right mindset, you’ve been able to hit practically every goal that you set yourself.

Initially, you’d thought that you wanted to lose 20 lbs, but after 5 months, you’ve already lost 10 and you feel that you look great – a lot better than you used to anyway!

At that point, your commitment to the weight loss cause is bound to be tested. After all, you’ve slogged your way through 5 whole months of a weight loss regime and have obtained great results from it.

Why not stop? Take a break, relax, and enjoy yourself?

Although it may seem like a perfectly reasonable thing to want to take five, and despite the fact that you may have every intention of going back to your weight loss regime after, say, a break of about a month, the truth is this:

Once you stop a weight loss regime, it is much, much harder to get back to it.

Not only will you need to re-attain the desire to lose weight, but you’ll also have to re-equip yourself mentally for the process. Then, you’ll also have to start right back at square one of your weight loss program, and work yourself up to where you were previously.

To cut a long story short: It is going to be a pretty daunting prospect.

And that is the reason why so many people who ‘quit’ midway end up never returning to their weight loss regime, despite having every intention to do so!

Right here and now, you’re going to make absolutely certain that you don’t end up going down that road. And to do that, you’re going to have to commit. Not just to losing weight in general, but specifically to attaining that dream of yours.

You know – the dream that most everyone has of achieving their final target weight!

All said and done, that should be your very final goal, and it should be the one that you’re fully committed towards achieving. Anything less and you risk compromising, and not getting to be the weight that you deserve to be.

With that in mind, you need to constantly keep that at the forefront of your mind. Do not settle for less. Do not tell yourself that you’ll ‘take a break’, until, that is, you finally hit that goal.

And even once you do, you should commit yourself towards maintaining what you have attained, so that you never end up having to do it all over again!

Building an everlasting commitment is a case of sheer willpower, determination, and the desire to truly achieve your dreams. And now that you’ve learnt practically everything that there is to know about building the right mindset, there are few things that can stand between you and that dream that you’ve had.

Thus, with just a few final words, we’ll leave you to go out and put into practice all that you’ve discovered!

The Last Say on the Right Mindset!

You know the theory. You know how it all fits together. And most importantly, you know why it is absolutely imperative that you attain the right mindset to optimize your weight loss!

Over the course of this blog series, we’ve gone over a wide range of topics, from:

  1. Standing firm with the Right Mindset
  2. How desire affects your weight loss in a huge way
  3. A look at goals, and how they can be used to help you
  4. Briefly discovering how choices of the right path can be made
  5. Handling stress
  6. Engaging in positive thinking
  7. Committing to seeing things through to the finish

All of that sound familiar to you? It should!

The foundation of the Absolutely Thin Medical Weight Loss Program is based on personalized solutions that consider individual needs and goals. It involves a combination of medication, eating right, behavioral adjustment, exercise, and ongoing support to help our patients lose weight effectively and safely.

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Maintaining and Nurturing a Commitment to the Cause #7

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