Frequently Asked Questions

We offer both in office and virtual consultations in most states. You can see the options available to you in your state by clicking here. (If you choose a virtual consultation, you must reside in that state.)

For new and yearly (follow up) patients the program is $100 which covers your initial consultation with a provider.  Progress Reports to request another 30 days of medications is $80 in most states. Prices are subject to change.

Every pharmacy is different.  Your medication,  using a prescription discount card such as GoodRX or Blink Health, should cost you no more than $15-$20.

Our locations do not accept walk-ins.  Visit our website to submit your registration / payment & then follow the directions for scheduling your appointment.  Same day appointments are not available.

You can submit a progress report 25 days from the completion date of your last evaluation (or when you have about 5 or 6 pills remaining).

1 to 4 business days.  When calling your pharmacy, be sure to speak to a live person.  Their automated system isn’t always updated promptly.  Incorrect or invalid pharmacy numbers may cause additional delays.

Make sure that your credit card’s billing address and the address you have on your Absolutely Thin® billing account match.


Other Reasons
  • If you are having problems making payments on a mobile device, try on a desktop.
  • Older browsers.  We recommend using Google Chrome
  • FHA/FSA cards are currently not accepted.
  • Payments are not accepted from outside of the United States.
  • If you are using a Gift Card, please contact the card issuer to obtain the correct billing address

No, we do not take payments over the phone.

No, unfortunately your provider is only allowed to call prescriptions in the state where he/she is licensed. 

If you will be out of state for an extended amount of time and you wish to continue your treatment while there, you do have the option of seeing one of our providers in that state. 

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