Stoking The Flames Of Desire #2

First, a question: How much do you really want to lose weight, and what are you willing to do to lose it? 

If you answered straight away, and very firmly, ‘Anything!’ You’re on the right track. But if you didn’t, well, you may have some ways to go.

Of course, your response would have depended on the type of person you are. But largely, the point is this: Desire is something that you absolutely must have if you’re going to stand any chance of success.

And you don’t just need any old type of desire. You need a fiery desire that is consuming enough to compel you to do what it takes!

Okay, so we’ve been talking about ‘doing what it takes’ quite a bit, and it’s probably going to be a good idea to clarify just what it is going to take. By no means does any of this mean that we’re going to ask you to starve yourself to lose weight.

That’d just be silly.

Instead, the willingness to do what it takes implies more that you’re willing and open to choosing a course of action and going for it. Later on, we’ll discuss this entire ‘choosing’ to process a little more, but for now, that’s what you need most.

See, the problem with desire is that as many people think they have enough of it, most really don’t.

If you’ve tried before, and given up, that probably means that you didn’t really have enough desire to lose weight.

If you’ve felt that you really do want to lose weight, but not ended up doing anything about it, then you didn’t have enough desire.

Know what? You’d probably be surprised how many people are facing exactly those two problems that we just outlined. And it all boils down to the central theme that we’re now discussing: Desire.

Now, if you’re reading this article, and these words, that would mean that you already must have some desire to lose weight, at the very least.

What you now need to do is ensure that the desire that you do have is strong enough to be translated into action. Unfortunately, this is the real trick that ends up flawing many others and is the first stumbling point that must be overcome.

So, it is up to you, now that you know all this, to steel yourself and make certain that you’re willing to go the distance as far as losing those extra pounds is concerned!

Having a strong willpower helps, because really, if you can set your mind to achieving your goals, and then will yourself into action towards those selfsame goals, then you’re right on course.

But this isn’t all you can do – not by a long shot.

Although desire is going to form the basis for your initial action, it can be kept going through constant motivation, and that’s something that is more easily nurtured.

Be sure that you understand everything that we’ve covered this far, because it is going to form the basis of our very, very important next article. Combine what you’ve learned now, and what you’re about to learn, and you’ll find that your mindset will already be vastly improved.

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