Our Approach

We’ve now begun our Calibrated Weight Loss™ Programs as of August of 2023. Sign up for our explanatory email and you will receive complete and detailed information.

The Absolutely Thin® Online Medical Weight Loss Program began in 2002.  We are the only medical weight loss / management program that is done primarily online with network doctors located all across the US. We treat patients that that have a BMI higher than 24, are otherwise healthy but have an overweight or yoyo weight problem. An office visit is legally required to start our treatment program and then required again at yearly intervals.* Our combination therapy of choice is  Phentermine and Prozac. The reason for the second medication (Prozac-normally used as an anti-depressant, but not in this case) is that it inhibits the development of what is called “Tolerance” to the appetite suppressant Phentermine. If appropriate, you will be prescribed a one month prescription of an appetite suppressant for your overweight condition and we will recommend basic dietary and exercise guidelines. Once you have depleted your monthly supply of medication, you may request refills by submitting a progress report to us online via our website.  The progress reports chart your progress and gives you the opportunity to address any concerns or difficulties you may be having.  Your doctor will review your progress report and, if approved, call in your refills to the pharmacy of your choice. The cost for the face to face consultation is $100 and is payable online at the end of the registration process. Progress Reports are $80 and are also payable online. We currently only accept Visa and Mastercard as forms of payment.  No insurance or programs of any kind are accepted.  This helps us keep our overhead to a minimum so that we can pass those savings onto you. *Some states require more frequent visits & if so, will be noted during the registration process. *Dallas Office:  Current patients with a low BMI may be required to see the doctor more often.  Patients who go off the program for 3 or more months may be required to make a follow up visit as well.
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