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Provider: Female
 Serves: Alcester. Does not accept CVS pharmacy & if you live more than 50 miles from Alcester, you cannot use Walgreens for a phentermine prescription.
 Available: Wednesdays 12:30-3:30pm
 Bio: Hello, my name is Christa Hamann. I've been a nurse practitioner for 23 years. I have 3 children who are 28, 26, and 9. I also have 2 grandsons who are 1 and 6. I have a flame point siamese cat and a dog who is a golden retriever and yellow lab mix. We also have 6 Brahma chickens and a small herd of Nubian goats. I love golfing, camping, boating, hiking, and traveling. I moved to Kansas after getting my nursing degree and thought I'd only be gone for a few years, but it took me 26 years to get back home. I'm so excited to be back in South Dakota and I love being close to family and all my favorite outdoor spaces.
Also offering Semaglutide & Tirzepatide to qualifying patients

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