Calories in Food

Consider the number of calories in certain food items:

1 Tablespoon Butter 101 calories
1 Ounce Cheese 100 calories
1 Can Beer 145 calories
1 Glass Wine 4 Ounces 75 calories
1 16-Ounce Cola 201 calories
1 Glass Milk 150 calories
1 Cup Orange Juice 110 calories
1 Cup Peanuts 165 calories
1 Cup Milk Chocolate or M&Ms 877 calories
1 Slice White Bread 120 calories
1 Taco Shell 100 calories
3 Slices Bacon 109 calories
5 Saltine Crackers 70 calories
4 Ounces Chips 175 calories


We simply must control what and how much we are eating. Many people in an attempt to lose weight tear in to exercise thinking they can exercise their extra body weight away, but if you compare the calories burned with exercise with those in even small amounts of calorie rich food you will quickly realize that unless one is exercising several hours a day constantly you cannot burn off enough calories to make a significant difference with your weight without altering your eating habits.

Also, most people that are overweight are not in active physical condition and physically are incapable of this amount of exercise.

Due to the large amounts of stored body fat accumulated by some the excess fat stores act like a large body cast causing extreme limitations in body mobility and flexibility further limiting the beneficial effects of exercise.

In summary, to lose weight we must eat smarter.

Below is a table of Calories in fast food.

Fast Food Calories

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